Made in PGA
Handmade in the Pine Grove Area

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Our vendor spaces are flexible.  We use adjustable shelving for vendors who have products that will benefit from a great shelf display.  Other fixtures such as card racks, glass display cases, stand alone carts, floor space, and other fixtures are available for the vendors who need something more specific.  All fixtures and spaces are on a first come first serve basis.

We aim to carry a variety of products and have set a limit on the number of each type of vendor allowed in the space.  If the spaces for your items are full, we will gladly keep your information on hand and notify you as space becomes available.  

Vendor spaces are available at a discount for those who are able to offer 8 hours a month of work in the store space.  No one knows your product like you do; take the opportunity to showcase your work and admire the other vendor's work as well!

Vendor monthly fees are not profit for us.  The monthly fee covers the cost of rent and utilities for the store.  Made in PGA does not make anything off of your fees!  The store is set up and run by Collective Arts League Ltd., a new local arts non-profit.  Our goal really is for you to succeed and our community to flourish!

Go to our apply page to fill out a vendor application!  

Please note: Picture is just a sample...not  actual picture of shelving available.  Actual space photos will be posted as available.

Artisan/Vendor Monthly Space Pricing

Standard Shelf:     $20 with work     $35 without work

3.5' x 2' - perfect to test the waters or showcase a few items.  Do you make items to order?  Showcase your best item with your contact information!  

*With work is a discount given to vendors who can volunteer to work a minimum of 8 hours each month in the store space.

Mini boutique:   $55 with work    $80 without work

3' x 5' with a maximum of 4 shelves-  This is a great option for the vendors who have some inventory they generally keep on hand.  Flexible shelving, hooks, and brackets will allow you to customize you mini boutique to fit your products and your brand.  

Half Boutique:     $100 with work     $130 without work

3' x 10' with a maximum of 8 shelves- Craft show vendors, this is the space for you!  The full wall height boutique gives your space some serious pull.  Flexible shelving, hooks, and brackets will help you get the most of your space to show off your products effectively.  Maximize your sales with this standout option!

Full Boutique:  $200 with work     $250 without work

6' x 10' with up to 14 shelves-  If you dream of having your own store but haven't found the right space or don't want to take on your own building, put your store in OUR store!  A full boutique space offers the flexibility of having a store within a store.  This options allows plenty of room for a variety of products and signage.  Build your brand and showoff your amazing work with our best space!

If you are searching for an option you don't see here (ex. floor space, wall space, a card rack, glass case, etc) please contact us using the link on this site or fill out our application on the apply page.   We are happy to work with our artists and vendors to find a space and price that fits their needs!